History of the Lions Club of Reading

As far back as 1950 the first Lions Club in the United Kingdom was formed - The London (Host) Club. This was through the initiative of the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, following her experience of the voluntary work carried out by Canadian Lions for children in London made homeless by the blitz (2nd World War). The Canadian Lions consisted of soldiers temporarily based in London at the time who were very concerned at the post-war conditions that the children of the blitz were living in and decided to help out with food and shelter. The late Queen Mother heard of this work and sent a representative to Canada to find out more about these Lions. The late Queen Mother then encouraged the formation of the very first Lions Club in the UK. In the 60 years since then some 900 Clubs have been formed throughout the British Isles and Ireland with approximately 18,000 members. 

The Lions Club of Reading was formed in 1965 by the Lions Club of Windsor. We have several members with over 25 years service. Our first lady President took office in 2007. There are other 'Reading' Lions Clubs in Kansas, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, all in the USA.

The Lions Club of Reading has been instrumental in forming the following Lions Clubs: Oxford and Witney Lions Club (1969), Newbury Lions Club (1970), Henley on Thames Lions Club (1971), Pangbourne, Theale and District Lions Club (1972), and Woodley & Earley Lions Club (1980).

Important Club contacts:

Community Service: communityservice@readinglions.org.uk

Fundraising: fundraising@readinglions.org.uk

Club Secretary:  secretary@readinglions.org.uk

Club President:  president@readinglions.org.uk

Marketing & Publicity marketingandpublicity@readinglions.org.uk