CIO Governance:

The following documents form our CIO Trustee Governance. These Policies are under a programme of ongoing review by the Trustees of Reading Lions Club CIO. 

Reading Lions Club CIO Constitution

Reading Lions Club CIO By-Laws

Complaints Policy (revised edition 10th Jan 2023) 

Conflict of Interest (revised edition 10th Jan 2023)

Data Protection (revised edition 10th Jan 2023)

Finance (revised edition 10th Jan 2023)

Grant Making

Risk Management (revised edition 10th Jan 2023)

Volunteers (revised edition 10th Jan 2023)

Vulnerable Adults

Privacy Notice

Bullying & Harassment (added 31/01/2024)

Social Media (added 31/01/2024)

We also have access to various Guidelines prepared by Lions Clubs National Headquarters, Birmingham for the following: Disability, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and DBS / Safeguarding.