My trip to India:

" Dear Reading Lions,

This is an email to thank you for the donation towards my trip to India this summer. It was a really incredible experience that I won't forget. After the flight, we arrived in Delhi and were immediately hit by a wave of culture, heat and noise. Everything looked so different to what i'd seen before. It was quite intimidating to be in a place so strange and foreign, but after a while of getting used to it, it started to become interesting and exciting to be somewhere so different. We saw some of the Delhi landmarks like the red fort and some of the temples in the area while trying to navigate the huge number of people, cars and animals in the streets.

After a couple of days in Delhi we took a train up to the mountain town of Shimla. It was definitely my favourite town because it was beautiful and interesting and all around there were monkeys from the nearby temple climbing over the shops and just walking through the streets. At night it was lit up and the food we ate was lovely. We visited the monkey temple and the Shimla Bazaar which was filled with so many different shops selling so many different things. Then we went to Manali which was a bit more touristy. Lots of things to eat and buy. Our guide led us up to some temples just outside the town and he told us about the different gods that the people worshipped in them. He also told us about the sacriifices and festivals held around them.

The next day we split up to buy supplies ready for our trip into the Himalayas. The hiking through the Himalayas varied considerably in terms of landscape and degrees of difficulty, but in general the hikes became easier the longer they went on. The views were all amazing and i'll attach some photos for you to see; but it was so much better to be there in person. Then after about a week of hiking we arrived at Langza village.

The people in Langza were all really nice and while we worked on the school there we could tell that they were grateful for what we were doing. The painting and the fixing didn't really feel like work while we were doing it and it was really something that we got into. One night we were invited to the retirement party of the headteacher's grandmother, which was so amazing. Everyone in the village was invited and we were treated so well. They fed us and we danced and chatted with the locals. While we were finishing up on the school we really enjoyed getting to know the kids who went there. They were all really funny and we played volleyball with them in the court when we had finished building it.

It was sad to go once we had given them the presents we brought. And as a final thank you the headteacher showed us the village statue of a Buddha, huge and built to protect the village. Once we left we had another week of trekking back to civilisation. Unfortunately a few of us got sick from the altitude and had to miss a day to visit the doctor in the nearest town. That was my birthday, which was a shame. But once I got back I had cake and felt a lot better.

As the trip was drawing to a close we made a final visit to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in typical tourist style. We had a nice hotel which made a great change from the huge amount of hiking without bed or shower and the Taj Mahal was big and beautiful. Finally we rejoined the other expedition party and headed home. That was pretty much the entire trip. A wonderful experience and if you want to know anything else, feel free to email me. Thanks again for the help in the funding! " Eben.


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