We need your old prescription glasses

Recycling Spectacles

Reading Lions Club collect unwanted prescription spectacles. Lions Clubs throughout the British Isles collect and process tens of thousands of unwanted spectacles and hearing aids each year. Working with partner organisations, glasses and hearing aids are recycled to support the work of eye and hearing clinics around the world. Click here to see how our recycling operation works. 

How you can help: 

Please consider donating your unwanted prescription glasses. Take them along to:

When dropping off your unwanted specs please take them out of the cases. We cannot recycle cases, sorry.

We are very proud of our collective achievements. The Lions spectacle collection project is more than recycling; it is reuse of a costly asset.  Over the last 30 years we have collected over 2.5 million pairs!.

 Together we can bring hope to many families in the developing world who have been blighted by loss of sight. Your old specs can make a huge difference to someone somewhere.

Sharing the Vision

Click here to see how our recycling operation works.