Trekking in Kilimanjaro for prostate cancer awareness

Trekking for prostate cancer On the 19th September 2016 Melvin Blunt, Andy Goodchild and Sean Morris left the UK to embark on a seven day walk on Mount Kilimanjaro.

An 'off the cuff' suggestion in a bar 12 months earlier turned into reality for these intrepid walkers. They decided to raise funds for our prostate cancer awareness & screening programme.

We are absolutely delighted to report that the three intrepid 'trekkers' raised an amazing 4,600 which will be used towards our 2017 prostate cancer awareness event taking place on the 11th March 2017 at the Circle Hospital Reading - more...

We are so proud of our three 'Trekkers' who, through their efforts are helping to save local lives. Thank you very much.