OK, you want to fundraising inspiration!

But then again, feel free to create your own and share with us.
The Avenue Deli  Avenue Deli 02
The Avenue Deli of Calcot Round up for Reading.  The extra publicity raised has resulted in them offering to match donations monthly and see their other family businesses join too. ITV loved this.

Warings 03
Long standing supporters of their community, Warings Bakery now have 5 shops Rounding up for Reading (and home to my favourite sausage roll).
Their EPOS has a code allowing any extra amount to be easily input as a donation. Warings
Posters on display explain Round up so staff don't need to.

Florists could offer an Invisible Round up Carnation, Rose, any flower (who would know) with every bouquet for just £1 extra

HeadcaseHeacase Facemask
Headcase Hair Salon of Armour Road, Tilehurst are donating all proceeds from Face Masks sold to Round up. Call in for Star Wars & Superhero masks kindly made and donated by Star Wars UK 501st Garrison 

Barber Trev
Barber Trev, Oxford Road is donating all proceeds from Face Masks sold to Round up. Call in for Star Wars or Superhero masks kindly made and donated by Star Wars UK 501st Garrison 
Choose a restaurant offering Invisible Chips as part of Hospitality Action and your donation supports people within the hospitality sector. A super idea.
Victoria Pub pexels-dzenina-lukac-1583884
Could your business join the Victoria of Tilehurst to offer Invisible Chips on their menu to generate donations for Round up for Reading too. Why not create your own invisible product?.
Willmotts Building Plastics of Loverock Road say their invisible window mastic has sold so well, shelves are often empty!. All proceeds to Round up and never make a mess applying silicone again...


Regency Dry Cleaners 
of School Road, Tilehurst offer a pack of Invisible Coat Hangers. Interested?, get in quick, they won't hang around for long..

You get the idea, have some fun with these talking points on social media and with your customers. We even have a tattoo artist talking of offering invisible tat's. Ensure customers are aware this is a donation with no product supplied.

Tap Water
Tap up for Reading...
You may already offer your customers tap water. Create and display a tap water product on a menu. Whilst you may normally offer tap water for Free, this £1 bottle benefits from every penny being donated to Round up for Reading.
Car BarBeech Hill
Garages and Motors services are well suited to either ask customers to Round up or donate a few pennies from every labour hour charged out.
Warnercomm of Oxford Road is making a regular monthly monthly donation to Round up. If your business is busy, this may prove the easiest way to make a difference for your community.
Create a Round up product. Promote the fact that you donating a penny or so from each sold. An item or product.

Create a Round up meal or breakfast. Promote the fact that you donating an amount from each one sold.

Toilet paper
Sell lots of a particular product already?
Why not donate a penny or so from each one sold and promote the fact to customers.

Tilehurst Cobbler
Richard, The Tilehurst Cobbler of School Road asks customers to Round up for Reading. He says' most people round up and the pennies add up quickly.
A collection jar is used for cash donations.

C&G Hardware
C & G Hardware of School Rd, Tilehurst ask customers when making a cash or card payment if they wish to Round up for Reading. They point to our poster to quickly show where the donation goes.

A tattooist is considering a £5 'Invisible Tattoo' with each purchase. Jealous friends can only imagine your chosen design

If your business model makes fundraising difficult, feel free to donate based on the value you put to the promotion of your business or benefit to your community.
It's your town...