Support throughout the Covid crisis   


New Beginnings Reading We will be donating some of our food collection to 'New Beginnings' - a Reading charity dedicated to the relief of poverty, financial hardship and homelessness.

During the pandemic they have increased the opening of their Community Fridge to every weekday providing food and living essentials to an average of 50 individuals and 23 families every day. Once a week they also provide a hot meal, cake and fruit to takeaway to those in need.

We are all living in unprecedented times but Reading Lions Club is here to help when it can. Contact us if you know of someone in need of assistance or of a local cause that needs support. 

Our wider community has been fantastic in offering support but as we return to life outside of lock down, many volunteers will need to return to work.  Unfortunately for many, the need for support continues. All food donated will be delivered by Reading Lions to charities, groups and individuals in need in Reading.

The Lions Club of Reading is a registered charity (No. 1126848) - All club members are volunteers offering their time freely to support those in need in Reading.

We cannot thank those participating individually, so thank you so much for ensuring others are not going hungry today.  You are all Heroes.

We are helping during this crisis in other ways too: 

  • provided a new TV for a young person with mental health challenges living in isolation
  • provided bags of food and bamboo mugs for the 'New Beginnings' charity to feed the needy and homeless
  • supported the local volunteer 'blood bike' riders to enable theme to continue their valuable work
  • supported the local 'love of scrubs' team so they could purchase materials to make scrubs and scrub bags
  • donated supplies of mops, buckets and cleaning liquids to a local Women's refuge for use in their homes. 
  • provided a donation to the ICU nurses at the Royal Berkshire Hospital so they can easily access healthy food whilst 'on the go'.

Donation to New Beginnings  new beginnings team Food supply   Food supply 2

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