Dinner meeting with partners and guests:                  

Our partners and several guests joined us at our June dinner meeting at the Prudential Ibis Club. It was a good chance to socialise and at the same time say thank you to our partners whose continued support in all we do is very much appreciated. It was also the opportunity for Lion President Dave 'Ebbo' to say thank you to a few special people.

We were also introduced to Leah who is hopefully standing as the Lions Young Ambassador Candidate for our Club. There will be more news on Leah's progress in the future. 


thanks to the Prudential Ibis

A big thank you to our friends at
Prudential Ibis, for the super meals
and great service at our monthly
inner meetings. 

Donna with thanks

Thanks to Donna, Deputy Manager
at Prudential Ibis for looking
after our needs so well.


Gary Webb Kickz Project

Recognising our relationship
with Gary Webb of the Reading
Kickz Project.


Lea and Ebbo

Introducing Leah as our Lions
Club Young Ambassador candidate.


Secretary John

Saying thank you to Lion John
for being such a great Club Secretary
for some many years. A great act to follow!

Thanks to Lion John A gift for Lion John

and thanks to Kathy too

and a thank you to Kathy for
putting up with John!



Lions Club of Reading Registered Charity no: 1126848